///Pure Linen Kitchen Towel 55x32cm

Pure Linen Kitchen Towel 55x32cm


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  • Linen 100%
  • Made in Europe
  • Standard 100 by  Öko-Tex®

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  Linen Kitchen Towel  is the best choice for your kitchen .Linen towels are natural antiseptic, suppressing pathogenic bacteria, when contact with the skin. They are quickly absorb and evaporate moisture, little get dirty and easily washed. The more linen wares are used and washed, the softer and more pleasant they become.This linen towel can serve you for decades, because linen fabric is a very durable (2-3 times stronger than cotton).They do not need to be ironed; they don’t change their outward.

Care: automatic wash with a liquid detergent at 40°C, delicate spin. It is advisable to add quite a little acetic acid in the rinse water. The ideal option for drying is to hang straightened in the open air. After such drying linen products do not have wrinkles and smell fresh. It is desirable not to wait for complete drying, but spread out or iron wet. If you have to use machine drying, select “ventilation” mode.

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