///Linen Bedding Set Natural Grey: Duvet Cover 140x200cm Pillowcase

Linen Bedding Set Natural Grey: Duvet Cover 140x200cm Pillowcase


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  • Linen 100%
  • Made in Europe
  • Standard 100 by Öko-Tex®


 Linen Bedding Set Natural Grey will give you comfort and a deep healthy sleep at any time of the year. Natural linen is the best choice for children and people with sensitive skin and allergies. 100% pure bed linen has a micro massage effect, stimulates blood circulation therefore  relieves fatigue and creates a good mood in the morning. Such linen is pleasant to touch and does not need to be ironed. We hope this can be passed to the succeeding generations and will make it a wonderful family memory.
You can buy a ready-made set of bed linen or pick up your favorite duvet cover, sheet or pillowcase.

Care: automatic wash with a liquid detergent at 60°C, delicate spin. It is advisable to add quite a little acetic acid in the rinse water. The ideal option for drying is to hang straightened in the open air. After such drying linen products do not have wrinkles and smell fresh. It is desirable not to wait for complete drying, but spread out or iron wet. If you have to use machine drying, select “ventilation” mode.

  • Shrinkage 2-3 %

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